The Perpetual Shopper

The doors to Prada Marfa are sealed, leaving you with the urge to try on the products on display and prohibiting you from fulfilling your consumerist duty as an American.

Here in the middle of nowhere you are reminded of two things: the modern meaning of our existence and entropy.

“I shop therefore I am.”- Barbara Kruger

What do we live for? How much am I worth? The materialistic society that we live in makes us drive to establishments like this to shop and buy more. Our worth is dependent upon our ability to shop. How long do these things actually last? Should I base my entire existence on accumulating things that I can’t take with me when I die?

We are meant to decompose and disintegrate: the luxury goods, the Prada store, and the people who buy these things will one day disappear. Nature will erode the structures that we built and death will eventually take us away from this world. We will all return to the land and come back to life in a different shape or form.


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